Bellow everyone. DK Wu here.

Welcome to SG@MOB, also known as Singapore@Ministry of Be@rbrick. I started SG@MOB from Facebook on 13 October 2011 just before my 33rd birthday. At the point of time, I was thinking to use this popular social network platform to create a page to promote Be@rbrick awareness in Singapore.

With a start, I showcase my small collection and provided updates about Be@rbrick from Medicom official website. There were also other websites featuring about Be@rbrick that I like, such as:
– Mr Adrian from “ToyBeast” and
– Mr Jack from lululovesbearbrick.blogspot.sg
Appreciated for their contribution towardsBe@rbrick as their updates serves like a dessert to me.. Surprise with Yummy taste.

In order to keep SG@MOB running, I decided to do something a little bit unusual, totally out of my daily scope! Because since I was young, always wanted to learn drawing and used drawing board to draw cartoon characters like Garfield, Ninja Turtles etc.. Well also to impress my classmates. Hahaha! “Whoa.. You draw very nice hor”… “Next time can be artist”… Anyway my artistic style did not lead me to anywhere. I did badly for my school result..so I have been working since 18 till today….. Back to my drawing, so I started to customise bearbrick by drawing via iPad (thanks to Steve Jobs, creating as a awesome device.. Apple fan 4life) I found it so interesting to draw on iPad like just any small kid. Slowly I have drawn those characters that Medicom don’t have.. Like Garfield, Beetle Juice, Mario, Kung Fu Panda, Captain America, Jay Chou and etc… was hoping some days Medicom will launch them ~ Yeah! True enough they did launch a few.

I went crazy and gathered all my Be@rbrick customised drawing and email to Medicom to request for a job. I was looking forward for their reply at that time, finally they responded. However it was a negative answer and the response really bother me for a long while. ( >______<“”) ~ Emo! As people always said.. “In Life, there are bound to be Ups and Downs.. If you really like doing it, just keep doing… God knows one day you might make it happen.. What is ahead of us, we don’t know.. Never try never know” that is what SG@MOB become today. I might not be giving you the best option of choices but I will give my best to get what you need.

Lastly thanks to you all, every Be@rbrick collectors…you know who you are, no matter you are new or old collectors. We did our part to share our Be@rbrick to our friends and towards the world via social media.. Be@rbrick 4Life! ^_^