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Let’s go with second half of 2014

Hi all, Been awhile since the updates due to work and my upcoming wedding (YAY!). I've been away but not gone for sure. Thanks Medicom you are kind to us buyers since March. But when Medicom is quiet, they'll be back...
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Be@rbrick Preview – March of the bears

Good morning to all on a sunny, sunny Saturday morning (at least in Singapore). The exorbitant price for the release of Mastermind x Sense Be@rbrick at 50,000 yen came as a surprise to me, though it was bundled with a book. As...
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The be@rbricks with androgynous aesthetics

A great Sunday to all, and a happy lunar new year to all! The topic today will be on be@rbricks with androgynous (definition here) aesthetics. This topic may be of interest to the following groups of people 1. Male collectors who get...
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Kaws and be@rbricks (Part 2)

So, it has been a week since the last post. I can't imagine being so busy at work during this time of the year but well work's work. Hope everyone's having a good break, recharging for 2014! Back to...
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Kaws and be@rbricks (Part 1)

Apologies to all for the lack of post. Been busy at work, and even weekends are packed with activities. Finally a midweek to take a breather and write about the toys. Will chalk up more posts before the crazy 2014...
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Midas Touch (Part 2)

A continuation from the previous post Singapore, or rather the world, is currently caught in the Korean wave. Medicom has always been part of pop culture and have rode on the wave in finding the 'next big thing' after...
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