Be@rbrick Preview – Fujisan Be@rbrick (富士山) 400%

Was catching up with soccer for the past week and hope everyone had a great Christmas celebration. Receiving be@rbricks cannot be more pleasant than receiving it in Christmas isn’t it?

It is unusual for Medicom not to release blockbuster be@rbricks during the end of year. Be@rbricks are naturally a semi domestically focused product – half of the releases in 2013 was about Japan and its culture – Tokyo Tower, Skytree, Fortune Cat, Casio G-Shock and practically half the World Wide Tour 2.



Picture Courtesy of Medicom Toy Corporation

With the exception of WWT2 and Casio G-Shock be@rbricks, the rest are Japan release only products, and the rest of the world have been scurrying to Japan trying to get hold of their culture and heritage in the form of a vinyl toy.

Medicom will never cease to tease its consumers outside Japan, and the first release of 2014 will be the Mount Fuji, some call it Fujisan Be@rbrick 400%. Follows alike should have noticed that the 100% version of ‘Fine Wind, Clear Morning’ Fujisan Be@rbrick illustrated below is already sold out online. I believe more of these will be released on 2nd Jan 2014 at the exhibition venue itself. You need to be strongly linked to the Japanese culture to appreciate the beauty of that piece.


Picture Courtesy of Medicom Toy Corporation

The highlight of this exhibition will no doubt be the first piece of Fujisan Be@rbrick ‘Beneath the Wave Off Kanagawa’ in 400%. I personally find it an exquisite piece and the quantity released will definitely exceed both the Tokyo Towers.

This elegant piece will be sold at Edo Tokyo Museum from 2nd Jan 2014. Priced at 12000 yen with a ticket to the exhibition, it will be worth every penny yen spent. A Japan exclusive (WHY MEDICOM WHY?) again.

fuji_h01 Fujisan Bearbrick


Pictures Courtesy of Medicom Toy Corporation

Outlook – Gold be@rbricks have been a hit with everyone, and you combine this with transparent finishing, you get an art piece. How often do you get such be@rbricks so detailed and photogenic in every angle? It WILL stand out in your collection of be@rbricks for sure.

Value – Probably not as hyped up as the 2 Tokyo Towers, but will definitely be a collectors’ piece in time to come. Expect value to pick up after 2 years or so. May surpass the value of Tokyo Towers, quantity plays a part in the demand/supply of these be@rbricks.

I wish everyone a great 2014 in advance! Let 2014 be a better year for all us Be@rbrick fanatics!

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