Be@rbrick Preview – Isetan Men’s meet Special Product Design 100% be@rbricks set

Happy 2014 to one and all! It’s a fresh year, and a fresh start for all. Except be@rbrick prices, they keep going up. ūüôĀ

2014 has been unkind to the pocket. First we have the Fujisan be@rbrick 400%, now we have the Isetan Men’s be@rbrick coming up in February. Medicom ended the year quietly and started off with a bang 2 bangs already.

Designer be@rbricks are not unheard of back in the past, but they are available on exclusive basis, and are often offered as gift with purchase – Paul Smith, Marc Jacobs and Fendi are some examples of it. Chanel, sold them separately and numbered them even.

In collaboration with Hongkong Blood Cancer Foundation, 10 fashion powerhouses designed 1000% be@rbricks for a series of auctions. The designers, still the most prestigious bunch of be@rbricks and impossible purchase to date РCartier, CHANEL, Coach, Hogan, Hermes, Missoni, Moschino, Paul Smith, Salvatore Ferragamo and Tod’s.

Back to today’s topic. Isetan (AGAIN) has collaborated with 10 men’s fashion brands for Isetan Men’s 10th Anniversary. Priced at 21000 yen (or 2100 per piece), this is a MUST GET for all collectors – especially so for fashion enthusiasts. Again it’s exclusive to in-store purchase at Isetan Shinjuku on 26 Feb 2014. DAMMIT.

I am sure we do not mind if they are not limited to men’s brands but the designs are awesome. Lets head to the pictures.

The designers in alphabetical order and arranged from left to right are,

– Carven
–¬†Dries Van Noten¬†
–¬†Marc Jacobs¬†
–¬†Raf Simons¬†
–¬†Thom Browne¬†
– Undercover
– White Mountaineering

bearbrick_isetanmens_22 bearbrick_isetanmens_23 bearbrick_isetanmens_24


Outlook¬†‚Äď All exclusive be@rbricks. While they do not complement each other, they are not logos slapped onto be@rbricks and these are true babies. Each piece is exquisite, and is translates the brands directions in its own way

Value¬†‚Äď Forget about WWT, this set will be the ‘must get’ for 100% be@rbricks. Expect them to go 30000 yen on the day of release and at least 500usd in the future, just like the Fendi be@rbricks set. I am sure that the production numbers will not make them a general release.

More close up pictures of each be@rbrick after this, all courtesy of Fashion Press. Have a great weekend!





Carven Carven-back


Dries Van Noten

Dries Van Noten Dries Van Noten-back





Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs Marc Jacobs-back



Raf Simons

Raf SimonsRaf Simons-back

Thom Browne

Thom BrowneThom Browne-back



White Mountaineering

White MountaineeringWhite Mountaineering-back


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