Be@rbrick Preview – Medicom x Mercedes-Benz be@rbrick 100%

As the saying goes, toys for boys are like cars for men. Now we have the best of both worlds! After the debut of BMW be@rbrick, their famous rival Mercedes-Benz has also came up with a 100% be@rbrick. From 1 Series vs A Class to Z4 vs SLK, they have competed even on toys produced, so here are the pictures of the 2000 pieces made vinyls.

Mercedes Mercedes2

Pictures courtesy of Ameblo

Outlook – Pretty subtle with sophistication. represents the brand well (not the my father/grandfather-owns-one-Merc aspect)

Value – Not much to mention. The fact that it’s 1890 yen I think it’s a steal. Again a Japan exclusive at the 43rd Tokyo Motor Show 2013. Like the BMW be@rbrick, price is expected to stagnate after some time.

Tokyo Motor Show ends today so hope they will be releasing some online!


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