Be@rbrick preview – Medicom x Star Wars Darth Vader be@rbrick 1000%

For all Star Wars or/and Be@brick fans,  Medicom has just released another 1000% in one of the most iconic characters of Star Wars – Darth Vader.

Black be@rbricks are always hits or misses. The value of Stussy x Star Wars be@rbricks have appreciated throughout the years. So it is never a doubt this piece would one day cost you a thousand bucks or more. That goes to say it will be a HIT

This may/may not be true – For some licensing reasons, Japan has always got an exclusive range of Star Wars merchandise. Don’t expect these be@rbricks to be released out of Japan.

Darth Vader 1000


Picture courtesy of Medicom Toy Corporation


Outlook – No difference as compared to the 400%, which is a close representation of DV in the movie (excuse the ears, lol)


Picture courtesy of

Value – A piece to keep. Be prepared for non-Be@rbrick fans who are hardcore Star Wars fans to collect them as well. Tell me the price of Doraemon be@rbrick and the Darth Vader 400% Be@rbrick now, and you will get your answer to the value of iconic movie/anime/cartoon characters.

Pardon my limited knowledge of Star Wars, I am not able to elaborate more and MAY incite differing opinions how this piece should be. Let’s hope my neutrality as just a be@rbrick fan can be of help to you.

Till next time!


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