Be@rbrick Preview – OMG What is happening to February 2014?

Hello to one and all,

We have gone quiet on the bearbrick front for 2 months since late Nov, and Medicom just startled us with runway style releases. February 2014 will be the craziest month that I will ever witness. I will not go into all releases but will give special mention to some. Pictures and short analysis would tell you what to go for this Feb.

1. Mastermind JAPAN × SENSE 1000% – Releasing 23 Feb 2014


Picture courtesy of Medicom Toy Corporation

Outlook – Rubber 1000% will be a huge eraser, or a gigantic dust magnet. Update: This picture would give you a better look on the material used. Seems like it’s not the gigantic eraser. It’s very ‘Mastermind’, slapped with a logo and select finishing of choice.

Value – I suspect it to be priced around 35000 – 40000 yen. W not exceed 60000 yen at release. But don’t expect this piece to be a grail in the future.

 2. Attack on Titan (巨人の猎手) 400% – Releasing on 9 Feb 2014


Picture courtesy of Medicom Toy Corporation

Outlook – The most popular 100% besides Robocop in Series 27. Fits the niche market of manga fans.  Finishing looks simple but adequate.

Value – 500 pieces made – 200 on sale at venue, 300 online. Like Naruto be@rbricks these will be exclusive. Worth keeping but very much dependent on the popularity of the manga for future value.

 3. Zikzin 400% set – To be released on 14 Feb 2014


Picture courtesy of Medicom Toy Corporation

Outlook –  These be@rbricks should possess good finishing like their predecessors and apart from Mastermind Japan, these are the only pair of chrome be@rbricks around.

Value – Gold and silver combo? Check. Korean’s influence? Check. 300 made (300 pairs or 150 pairs?!) according to Jang Keun Suk’s claim. Expect this to fetch 2 times the retail price upon release. Worth collecting if you ask me.

4. Sevendays = Sunday 400% be@rbrick (100% on sale too) – Releasing Feb 2014


Picture courtesy of Medicom Toy Corporation


Outlook – Bar the odd brand name, this is my favourite release out of all these pieces in Feb 2014. Some brands are given once in a lifetime opportunity (sometimes more) to design a be@rbrick and they screwed it up big time. On the other hand you have Sevendays = Sunday (courtesy of crtl c + crtl v) with a design that appeals to everyone. Great effort in the overall finishing, though keeping it white would be a tall, tall order.

Value – I just have to guess that this be@rbrick will not fetch at all, or it’ll end up as an exorbitant piece. Here’s why – I do think that Muevil 400% is a nice piece but the reception of that wasn’t great. This piece, though unlikely, may fall into the same category as Muevil. On the other hand, it’s a piece that appeals to both genders (I believe) and when they do, their prices tend to fetch sky high – First baby and international love heart are such examples.

I believe DK will work hard to bring you guys more be@rbricks in the month of Feb and Mar. Meanwhile, enjoy your weekend and wishing everyone a Galloping Lunar New Year!



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