Let’s go with second half of 2014

Hi all,

Been awhile since the updates due to work and my upcoming wedding (YAY!). I’ve been away but not gone for sure. Thanks Medicom you are kind to us buyers since March. But when Medicom is quiet, they’ll be back with a bang.

Been following the be@rbrick news for the past few months though there were no posts contributed. Here are some of the featured pieces throughout the past few months.

Stormtrooper 1000% Be@rbrick

Pictures courtesy of Medicom Toy Corporation

I assume that the quantity released for this 1000% is done without much consideration for Darth Vader, with DV outnumbering ST (Really!?). Medicom did a pre-order in Japan for DV 1000% and released it at a significantly lower quantity at Medicom Toy Exhibition 2014. It is an unwise move, given that the Lucasfilm x Medicom releases are all exclusive to Japan and Japan only. Although I am not a fan of white be@rbricks but I thought the availability should have been much more.

Expect price for ST to go much higher than DV in the near future. Both 1000% Be@rbricks will be highly sought after in the near future.

Daft Punk 400% + 100% Random Access Memories Be@rbricks

Pictures courtesy of Medicom Toy Corporation

This piece caught me (and my wallet) by surprise. It’s again Daft Punk x Medicom. They have got many releases previously and this will be a hit without a doubt. Gold and silver be@rbricks people! The French Duo are decked in Saint Laurent outfit designed by Hedi Slimane. In case you guys need illustration, here’s a pic


Picture courtesy of TheSource

See the similarity?


Most people would have missed that detail out. For those who pre-ordered them (like me), good for you. You will have a set Hedi Slimane infused be@rbricks, that would satisfy the hypebeast in you. The finishing should improve leaps and bounds beyond the one released for ALIVE back in 2009 and Tron Legacy in 2011 (Tron Daft Punk Be@rbrick’s quality was disappointing).

Will cover a few more 100%s as I go along in the next few weeks.

More to come from Medicom in the second half of 2014 **Cough Jango Fett cough**, get ready to be surprised!



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