Midas Touch (Part 2)

A continuation from the previous post

Singapore, or rather the world, is currently caught in the Korean wave. Medicom has always been part of pop culture and have rode on the wave in finding the ‘next big thing’ after Edison Chen. That brings us to the leader of Big Bang, G-Dragon.

Not to waste time (and due to my laziness), I won’t be going through his biography as they are all over the Internet.

Be@rbricks and Superstar

With his fashion influence and the new found Midas Touch, he has managed to breathe life into many luxury brands – Givenchy, Saint Laurent (the renamed YSL) and Rick Owens, apart from introducing the niche brands to the mainstream market – namely Chrome Hearts, Thom Browne, MCM and Ambush.

A look at the be@rbricks that have been featured.

Chanel x Medicom Be@rbrick 1000%. Picture courtesy of The Guilty Hyena

GD Daft Punk

Daft Punk x Be@rbrick 1000%. Picture courtesy of Youtube

1000% Be@rbricks at Big Bang’s recording studio. Picture Courtesy of OneKpop.com

For the benefit of some readers who aren’t familiar with marketing terms, this method is known as Product Placement. Product Placement is a lot more powerful than we expect, albeit appearing innocuous.  In this case, people would look to GD for inspirations in dressing, brands and toys. It is to associate themselves to him, after all it is easier to identify the brands with someone you like than dislike. You have dozens on the street who are trying to dress like him now, and more new be@rbrick collectors as a result of his influence.

This man has spread the love of these contemporary art pieces and before the Korean wave pass us by, it is a matter of time when Medicom finds the next star. His star will shine brightly for the next few years and while this continues, be@rbrick will not lose its foothold in the market.

Enjoy this mid week read!


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