So what’s next?

Tokyo Station 100 Tokyo Tower Full Moon 100


Pictures courtesy of Medicom Toy Corporation

Great releases from Medicom, though in 100%. First up, Tokyo Station 100th anniversary (left) 100%. Tokyo exclusive for one of the most iconic stations in Japan. Next, I thought the Full Moon 100% was kind of disappointing, given the similarity it has with the Diamond Veil + a full moon. Will get them no matter what though since they are the iconic representations of Japan.

Here comes the interesting piece…

Xlarge Tenmyouya 400Xlarge Tenmyouya 400 back

Pictures courtesy of Tenmyouya Hisashi

An collaboration between Tenmyouya Hisashi (天明屋尚), a Japanese contemporary artist, and X-Large that is set to release in all X-Large Japan stores sometime in October 2014. Priced at 7800yen + tax, it gives a fresh perspective on the colours used, and also combination of 2 chrome colours on a be@rbrick, which I believe is the first so far. X-Girl will also have a 100% + 1000% releasing in Q4 of this year. Many artists are given once in a lifetime (some have more) chance to design a be@rbrick and though we have seen many disappointing designs so far, this is certainly one of the eyecatching ones. A must-get for me!

A busy second half of the year indeed, till the next bear!

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