The be@rbricks with androgynous aesthetics

A great Sunday to all, and a happy lunar new year to all!

The topic today will be on be@rbricks with androgynous (definition here) aesthetics. This topic may be of interest to the following groups of people

1. Male collectors who get constant nagging from the other half (Like me, sometimes). With this you MAY (note: may) lessen that aspect.

2. Couples who collect be@rbricks and not sure why their opinion differ on many pieces

3. Why some of these be@rbricks fetch so much more than others with strong branding

Based on my experience, I would safely assume that most be@rbrick collectors are males, with female collectors few and far between. There’s an increase in the number of female collectors over the past 2-3 years according to some observation on Instagram, but the predominant collectors are still males.

In another perspective, the special half of our male collectors are often opinion leaders (again, not all) in some way or have a say in whether you will sleep on the couch tonight be@rbricks can be bought/displayed. Of course, this is not an intended market for Medicom but a bearbrick that appeals to the both genders will increase the sales of it.

Be@rbricks with the feminine appeal are often dictated by the market, though some of them are pretty obvious. Medicom released numerous be@rbricks that appeal to the female market. These be@rbricks would end up being more androgynous than feminine, having the nods from both genders. Lets get down to the ones which I personally think have this special appeal to them.

My First B@by Be@rbricks

First Baby Pink

First Baby Blue First Baby Black First Baby White


Pictures courtesy of Medicom Toy Corporation

A little information on these, they are designed by Fujimoto Chiaki – a Japanese Tarento (they call it talent) whose career span across singing, voice acting and designing baby clothes. Her initial design was the pastel coloured ones, and since then Medicom has toyed with its colour scheme for the black, Colette and 15th anniversary versions.

Medicom x Alexander Girard Be@rbricks

Love Heart Red

Love Heart White

AG Stars

Alexander H. Girard (1907 – 1993) is a furniture designer, industrial designer, interior designer, textile designer and architect. His works are perceived to be close to the vision of Charles and Ray Eames, in which he had collaborated on furniture collections with.

No, your wife/gf will not understand why you like a be@rbrick with a logo slapped on it, a full black carbon fibre be@rbrick that costs US$10,000 or a be@rbrick with a X on its eye and half its internal organs visible.

A search in the market will tell you My First B@by and AG be@rbricks are worth, even more than some giants in the market – Kaws, Loopwheeler, Nike, Atmos, Undefeated, Mastermind Japan and etc.

The Alexander Girard and some First B@by be@rbricks were released in huge quantities and look at their value now compared to Be@rbrick WWT. In the list of be@rbricks shown, some of them have surpassed US$1000 for 1000% and US$500 for just 400% alone – the prices not scaled by most models.

If I may boldly predict, I would say some among the following sets will attain such status.

Fragment Design BWWT Rabbit/Sheep 400% and 1000%
Doraemon 400% and 1000% (Already in that level!)
Wedding Set 400%
Rilakkuma (flocked) 400% and 1000% – Dependent on how many releases they have.

In conclusion, there will be more of such be@rbricks released in the future and the market will continue to view and adopt them as androgynous pieces. So guys, you may now go ahead and get some of these be@rbricks. Though your other half may comment on them but you need to understand what appeals to them as well.

Have a great Sunday!



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