The bricks that conquered the world


Hi everyone, I’m Shawn! A little bit about myself, I have been fascinated by be@rbricks since 2004, coupled with my small room and modest budget I have yet to hit the level of collection many collectors whom I personally know or seen (I’m referring to you too DK). My heartfelt gratitude to DK for sharing this platform with me, I am able to share my limited knowledge with the community and provide more insights on be@rbricks. Call me lazy or efficient, this platform WILL reach most coll

There are simply too many topics to write on for days/months/years. Be patient and you will have answers to some wallet heart-burning topics surrounding these plastic, wood and occasionally metal bears that are already part of the pop culture for more than a decade.

Introduction: Always know the basics…

As you may or may not know, Be@rbrick made its appearance and the above B@-000W (100%) was given away free to customers at World Character Convention 12 on May 27 2001. Pretty much the same plastic form and shape since its introduction huh


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Subsequently, the first of many series that made us all broke was released in August 2001.

Series 1

Picture courtesy of Medicom Toy Corporation

A month later in September 2001, Medicom Corporation collaborated with HMV Shibuya and introduced the first 400% + 100% as a lucky draw prize.


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Hope this short introduction has filled all of you with more knowledge of how these toys came about!



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