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What is NEXT for SGMOB in 2014?

planning for sgmob 2014Hi everyone,  Thanks for taking your time to read this short and brief posting. As we are coming close to the year of 2013, let's flashback what we did: - 8 Aug, launched...
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SG@MOB turns 2!

SGMOB turns 2Hey hey everyone, DK Wu proudly announce that SG@MOB is turning to 2!..... I would like to invite you to join me on this special day. What we have...
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1 Quick Question

Cafe Kaws - especially for those staying in Singapore. SG@MOB is planning for a mini gathering during October, wondering anyone interested? Give me a Shout! More details will be coming soon! Stay...
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SG@MOB Web Store is OPEN! ~ x(8.8)x

Bellow everyone… guess you been wondering what is this about? On today 8.8.2013, finally SG@MOB moving towards another platform to reach out more people in the world to share our Bearbrick Love. SG@MOB Web Store will be feeding you with news from...
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