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Let’s go with second half of 2014

Hi all, Been awhile since the updates due to work and my upcoming wedding (YAY!). I've been away but not gone for sure. Thanks Medicom you are kind to us buyers since March. But when Medicom is quiet, they'll be back...
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Kaws and be@rbricks (Part 2)

So, it has been a week since the last post. I can't imagine being so busy at work during this time of the year but well work's work. Hope everyone's having a good break, recharging for 2014! Back to...
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Kaws and be@rbricks (Part 1)

Apologies to all for the lack of post. Been busy at work, and even weekends are packed with activities. Finally a midweek to take a breather and write about the toys. Will chalk up more posts before the crazy 2014...
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Be@rbrick preview – Medicom x Star Wars Darth Vader be@rbrick 1000%

For all Star Wars or/and Be@brick fans,  Medicom has just released another 1000% in one of the most iconic characters of Star Wars – Darth Vader.

Black be@rbricks are always hits or misses. The value of Stussy x Star Wars be@rbricks have appreciated throughout the years. So it is never a doubt this piece would one day cost you a thousand bucks or more. That goes to say it will be a HIT

This may/may not be true – For some licensing reasons, Japan has always got an exclusive range of Star Wars merchandise. Don’t expect these be@rbricks to be released out of Japan.

Darth Vader 1000


Picture courtesy of Medicom Toy Corporation


Outlook – No difference as compared to the 400%, which is a close representation of DV in the movie (excuse the ears, lol)


Picture courtesy of http://starwars.com/

Value – A piece to keep. Be prepared for non-Be@rbrick fans who are hardcore Star Wars fans to collect them as well. Tell me the price of Doraemon be@rbrick and the Darth Vader 400% Be@rbrick now, and you will get your answer to the value of iconic movie/anime/cartoon characters.

Pardon my limited knowledge of Star Wars, I am not able to elaborate more and MAY incite differing opinions how this piece should be. Let’s hope my neutrality as just a be@rbrick fan can be of help to you.

Till next time!


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