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Kaws and be@rbricks (Part 2)

So, it has been a week since the last post. I can't imagine being so busy at work during this time of the year but well work's work. Hope everyone's having a good break, recharging for 2014! Back to...
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Kaws and be@rbricks (Part 1)

Apologies to all for the lack of post. Been busy at work, and even weekends are packed with activities. Finally a midweek to take a breather and write about the toys. Will chalk up more posts before the crazy 2014...
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Midas Touch (Part 1)

There are numerous celebrities who are collectors of be@rbricks. However, few have the clout in the fashion/entertainment industry who have shaped these toys to where they are today. Midas touch, named after King Midas in Greek Mythology who had the ability to...
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